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MoliCare Premium Incontinence Bed Mats

Suitable for bed, chair and other surface protection

MoliCare’s comprehensive range of absorbent and skin care products caters for all grades of incontinence regardless of the severity and care situation.


Extra Protection

Absorbs liquid and provides extra protection for various surfaces

Hygienic Care

Breathable, single-use secure protection 


Has a soft non-woven top surface which makes it quite comforable


Dermatologist tested and skin friendly

MoliCare Premium Bed Mat 7 & 9 drops

Disposable bed mat with an absorbent core made of cellulose fluff providing hygienic care and extra protection.

Various Absorbances

Available in 7 drop 60×90 cm with and without wings and  9 drop. Wings allows the mat to stick to the surface without moving around or damaging the surface.

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