Comfortable, Reliable, Discreet & Super Absorbent Incontinent Pads

Hartmann Incontinent Pads

MoliCare ® Mobile

MoliCare Mobile - Medical Products

Suitable for urinary and faecal incontinence, especially in mobile patients; their ease of use makes them particularly suitable for use in toilet training; thanks to their all around security and perfect fit, they are also suitable for the care of restless or mentally disoriented persons.

✅ Incontinence pants with an antibacterial, pH skin neutral fluid distribution layer

✅ Odour neutralizing superabsorbent core and wetness indicator;

✅ Complete non woven covering on the surface and water repellent inner anti leak cuffs;

✅ Body shaped pad with elastic leg gathers; impermeable backside with a cloth like outer cover

✅ Offer high wearing comfort “ideal fit” due to an specially contoured shape

✅ Maximum protection against rewetting

✅ Can be put on and off like normal underwear

✅ Dermatologically tested.

✅ Ideal for mobile to semi mobile people.


MoliForm ® Premium Soft Normal

Moliform Premium Plus

✅ Anatomically shaped incontinence pads with soft, discretely white, textile like backsheet with integrated colour coding for the easy identification of the correct absorption capacity and a unique combination of Active Skin Protection features:

✅ First, the upper layer of the absorbent core provides a strong pH buffering and antibacterial effect to keep the skin’s pH value balanced and healthy,

✅ MoliForm ® Premium soft pads have been successfully tested dermatologically as hypoallergenic and

✅ The Advanced Dry Technology guarantees 30% more dryness* and the skin is reliably protected from swelling and irritation.

✅ The 3 layer absorbent core ensures that fluids are guided quickly into the center and stored there safely.

✅ With complete non woven covering on the surface, odour neutralizing superabsorbent core, special leakage protection cuffs, leg elastics, integrated wetness indicator.

MoliCare ® Comfort Plus

Molicare Comfort Plus

Suitable for people with moderate to severe urinary and/or faecal incontinence and also for highly dependent, bedridden patients/residents.

✅ 3 layer absorbent core with Dry Plus fluid distribution for a strong antibacterial effect,

✅ Odour neutralizing superabsorbent core

✅ Wetness indicator clearly shows any miction

✅ With water repellent, anatomically shaped and straight inner anti leak cuffs;

✅ Elastic leg gathers for an optimum product fit and complete non woven covering;

✅ Impermeable PE film backsheet

✅ Discrete white design in the front, crotch and back area;

✅ Adhesive tapes guarantee optimum closing results

✅ Reliable leakage protection and skin comfort;

✅ All materials used have been successfully dermatologically tested. 

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